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3 Day 3 Quotes Challenge – Day 3

Last Day here..

So I am posting 3 of my favorite quotes, which some or the other way inspire me or remind me if myself 🙂

(P.s : One of them was actually sent to me by a very dear friend..  We haven’t spoken in a while and it’s one of the days that I miss her.. so the choice of that quote )



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Awee.. It just rips off my a good way 🙂

Also, Read this..





Moving on..

याद हैं मुझे वो गुज़रा ज़माना

रोज़ तेरी ज़रा ज़रा सी बात याद किया करते थे,
और मुस्कुरा देते थे,
ज़रा ज़रा संभल संभल के मोहब्बत की थी,
तेरी हर भूल को सही साबित करने को
कोई वजह ढूंढ लिया करते थे..
झूठ खुद से जाने कितनी बार कहा था, मगर..

जिस झूठ से कुछ भला हो वो कहाँ बुरा है,
यही सोच के खुद को समझाया करते थे |
कुछ जोश था, कुछ तड़प, कुछ बेचैनी थी उन मासूम पलों में
मज़े में थी, मगर फिर भी, ज़िन्दगी मुश्किल हो चली थी
पिछले कुछ दिनों में,

रोज़ तुझे ज़रा ज़रा सा भुलाया है,
ज़रा ज़रा सी तुझ से नफरत की है
तुझे हर कदम पे इलज़ाम देने को
कुछ न कुछ वजह ढूंढ ली है
जानते हैं की ये नफरत, ये इलज़ाम सब झूठ ही है, मगर
वो झूठ जिस से कुछ भला हो, वो कहाँ बुरा है
यही सोच के खुद को तसल्ली दी है |
नजाने कैसी अजब सी शान्ति है, इस झूठे खेल में
मज़े में हो न हो, ज़िन्दगी मगर अब आसान हो चली है |

किसी को पीछे छोड़ना, कहीं से आगे बढ़ना, शायद अब आसान हो चला है….

P.S : This is not written by me.. I found this in my old word file, I probably had read it somewhere and saved it.. It’s beautiful and that is why i am posting it here..
ab asaan ho chala hai 🙂

The Incomplete Goodbye..

Sitting at the window of their favorite restaurant.. Sameer looked around.. it seemed like yesterday, when they had visited this place for the first time.. Rhea had loved the decor and they both, Big foodies, had loved the food 🙂

Rhea : Look at the dim lights, we will use the same for our home, okay ?

Sameer : Yeah.. it’ll be your home.. do it the way you like..

Rhea : Lazy bum, it’ll be our home..

Sameer : Oh yes ! Our home..

and he touched her hair strands falling on her cheeks and put it aside.. She loved it when he did that.. she wished her hair would fall more on her face so he could do it often..

His thoughts were disturbed by the waiter. He looked outside.. a cab had halted and Rhea had stepped out.. She looked simple.. still  attractive.. he kept gazing at her and wished he could feel the way he did for her earlier..

They had a perfect love story till Rhea had to marry some-one else under family pressure. 6 months later Rhea realized what an ass her husband is.. He was an %$*&^)#@ who believed that women are made for household work. Forcing her into physical relationship without her consent, dominating her over every thing.. She had had enough. She left him against her family’s will.. It was the most difficult time in her life.. The world seemed against her but Sameer was there for her. Always.

After the divorce, Rhea took up a new course and moved to another city. Sameer had to finish his studies too. They both agreed that they needed time off. Rhea had been through a lot and needed her confidence, her life back. She gave all her energy and time to her new course and new job.

Sameer too got busy with his MBA and on weekends he would spend it with old friends and Shruti..

Sameer, Rhea and Shruti were a gang.. Things were perfect till Sameer and Rhea started having feelings for each other.. Shruti came to know about it later, a little too late, cause by then she had feelings for Sameer herself.. But she let it go.. Rhea always thought that Sameer and Shruti are perfect for each other but she loved him. They all had accepted all of this between them and tried to keep the friendship unchanged. With Rhea away, Shruti and Sameer spent a lot of time together. A year later, Sameer felt so distant from Rhea that it didn’t feel like a relationship anymore.. and he didn’t even realize when the friendship between Shruti and him and turned more than just being best friends..

Today, it had been 2 years from the time Sameer and Rhea had met.. They had a very honest relationship from the start.. Today, Rhea was herself again and couldn’t wait to meet Sameer.. On the other hand, Sameer had to tell her about Shruti..

Rhea entered and hugged Sameer.. She couldn’t stop her tears.. The happiness to see him after so long, it was nothing she could express.. Sameer felt equally happy to see her but what he was going to tell her would change things forever..

A few silent conversations later, Rhea said with a grin: So, you’ve put on weight.. See, I told you,you’d look hotter with a little weight..

Sameer smiled : I was always this hot..

Rhea : Yeah Sure..anyways, how have you been ? and any job placements yet ? How are your Mom and Dad ?

Sameer : Hello, breathe ! KBC !

Rhea smiled : It’s been so long

Sameer wryly smiled : Yes, It’s been too long. *pause* Rhea..

Rhea looked scared.. : This has been first time in years that I am hearing you say my name.. It feels weird..

She didn’t say it but she felt that this one word has increased their distance more than ever before.. he never called her by her name.. never..

She looked in his eye.. she realized there was something he wanted to say and by the look of it.. it felt like she is gonna hate it.. She had knew every heart-beat of his..

He was staring her right in the eye..It wasn’t the way he looked at her..

and then she realized how difficult it is for him to say whatever he was trying to.. and then she took a deep breathe, looked down and asked him in a shivering voice.. Is.. is there someone else ? are you someone else..?

Sameer held her hand.. He had loved her with all her heart and hated to do this ti her.. but he couldn’t love her more.. He couldn’t hide it from her.. Yes.. I didn’t know how.. but it just.. I Know.. but..

He couldn’t find the right words..

There was silence for what felt like hours to them. She have had nightmares of this, but always thought that their love was old-school and forever types.. but then, she knew he did love her truly for the time they were He had been though a lot for her.. He didn’t give up on her when it was the easiest to do.. but then people grow up and people grow apart.. it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t love.. it just means that .. she couldn’t think of what that meant..

She realized he wouldn’t have done this if he had any control over feelings.. she knew that he was the last person on earth who would wanna hurt her deliberately.. He had given her a lot.. She couldn’t take it all away for this.. He was human.. It was bound to happen..

and then she looked at him and asked : Shruti ?

He nodded and she smiled.

They had this innumerable fights which would always end with Rhea saying “We are way too different and Shruti is your soulmate.. go, go marry her..” She always was possessive about him towards Shruti but she also knew that they were best friends and with time she had made peace with it..and now, everything she had imagined was coming true.. It was heart-breaking but funny..

She kept smiling.

She wanted him to be happy.. with or without her.. he deserved it.

She picked her bag and came on the other side of the table to hug a little lost Sameer.. and said “I love you enough to let you go but I can’t say a goodbye.. I hate it but let this be a unfinished-incomplete goodbye.. cause it leaves me with a hope..” she kissed him on his forehead and never looked back !



P.S : Please do lemme know what you guys think of this story ?

What if I don’t wake up tomorrow ?

For more than a month now , I have been sleeping with a hope of not getting up the next day..

and then today morning, When I felt really alone.. I thought to myself.. Is this ME ?

I have been someone who fought and did not wish for a easier way-out ever.. So, today instead of hoping that I don’t get up ..I thought of what if I really don’t wake up tomorrow ?

What will happen to the dreams I yet have to full-fill.. dreams of painting walls around the world, or becoming a home-chef..

What will happen to the unfinished stories in my head and the blank pages of my diary ?

What will happen to my hard-earned CA Degree ?

What about the people I forgot to confess my love to or the chances I never took ?

What about the places I am yet to see and the books I have never read ?

What about the life I wanted to cherish and the home that I wanted to build.. the wishes yet to be full-filled and the ones that I still have to make ?

Its’s not about the suffering of my family or the emptiness in the life of the Man I love.. The vacuum in the life of people who love me… It’s about Me !

Motto of my life.. Always has been.. Always will be..

The first time i paid attention to this was.. in a Danielle Steel book by the same name..

I loved the book..

and I live by this..

Whenever Life s a mess.. I don’t know how to survive tomorrow.. I tell myself “This too shall pass” and live :

944838_464361397002392_1011429173_n (1)

I tell myself this atleast once every day.. Deep Breathe..One day at a time…

200th post ! KKHH – Renewed and Hilarious !!

To Belong…

I walk and stare at this growing abstraction in my life.
I’ve never stopped and seen..
always overlooked, and this day, it comes right at me.
Faltering and crashing
Like the waves of an ugly beach.
Littered and shallow,
Death be his foe, and I his friend.
I’ve never walked this beach before,
And the place seems new.
The routes all wrong,
And the wind turns around.
Stagnation and sorrow are my only friends,
Playing the Devil’s advocate,
Right in my head.
If only I knew, how to just run,
Walk through the soft sands of what was once
A land of mine
A place I belonged to
Wherein love and lust
Intertwined as two
Where happiness was permanent
And sorrow at bay
Where the lonely boats smiled
Leaving pain astray
Where the shallowness of life
Was replaced by the depths of passion
Where the single human eye
Found her reflection
Where she saw all his dreams
And they lived a life together
Where they knew even if the stream
Fell down to a river
And the river to the waterfall edge
They stood hand in hand
Heads held up
And faith in their heart.
They knew that one leap
Made all the difference
In death the bitterness of life
Never mattered on infliction
It was the strength of the supreme
The valor of love
That pulled two souls out together
Out of convulsed rapids, forever.

Now Playing : Naam Adaa likhna (Yahaan)

Written by the brilliant Gulzar, Naam Adaa Likhna is one of the truly romantic songs written in the last few years. Written for the Minissha Lamba & Jimmy Shergill starrer Yahaan, the song with its lovely visuals gets a beautiful feel of the love between the characters.

This one of the few songs that really calms me down when I listen to it and always puts a smile on my face…
This is a song of young love, the kind that fills hearts with hope, against all odds….

Lyrics & Translation:

Puche Jo Koi Meri Nishaani
Rang Hina Likhna
Gore Badan Pe
Ungli Se Mera Naam Ada Likhna

Kabhi Kabhi Aas Paas Chand Rehta Hai
Kabhi Kabhi Aas Paas Shaam Rehti Hai

Aau To Subha Jao To
Mera Naam Saba Likhna
Burf Pade To Burf Pe
Mera Naam Dua Likhna

Zara Zara Aag Vaag Pass Rehti Hai
Zara Zara Kangde Ke Aanch Rehti Hai

Jab Tum Haste Ho, Din Ho Jata Hai
Tum Gale Lage Toh, Din So Jata Hai

Doli Uthaye Ayega Din To
Pass Betha Lena
Kal Jo Mile To mathe Mein Mere
Suraj Uga Dena

Kabhi Kabhi Aas Paas Dhup Rehegi
Kabhi Kabhi Aas Pass Rang Renhege

Puche Jo Koi Meri Nishaani
Rang Hina Likhna
Gore Badan Pe
Ungli Se Mera Naam Ada Likhna


Translation for people who do not understand Hindi – Enjoy !!

If they ask you my identity, say-
I am the colour of Henna
As traced by your fingertips on my fair body
I am spelt Grace

Tell them the moon hovers around me at times
And at times I am wrapped in the dusk of the evening
Write down my name as morning, when i arrive
Put it down as night when I leave
And when the snowflakes begin to fall
Scribble my name on the fallen snow as prayer
Tell them, there’s the blaze of fire about her
and at times, the comforting glow of the kangri

When you laugh, the day fills up with sunshine
And when you embrace me, the day lulls itself to sleep

And when the day comes as a newly-wed in a palanquin
take my hand and make me sit next to you
and if you find tomorrow
make it sprout the sun from my forehead

If they ask you my identity, say –
I am Henna
Tell them the sun shines around me at times
And at times I’m enveloped in colours of myriad hues…

Q for Quotes.. #AtoZChallenge

Here’s a list of some of my favourite quotes !!

“I’ve been making a list of the things they don’t teach you at school. They don’t teach you how to love somebody. They don’t teach you how to be famous. They don’t teach you how to be rich or how to be poor. They don’t teach you how to walk away from someone you don’t love any longer. They don’t teach you how to know what’s going on in someone else’s mind. They don’t teach you what to say to someone who’s dying. They don’t teach you anything worth knowing.”
― Neil Gaiman, The Sandman, Vol. 9: The Kindly Ones

“It can be scary to find out you’ve been wrong about something. But we can’t be afraid to change our minds, to accept that things are different, that they’ll never be the same, for better or for worse. We have to be willing to give up what we used to believe. The more we’re willing to accept what is and not what we thought, we’ll find ourselves exactly where we belong.”

“Still round the corner there may wait
A new road or a secret gate
And though I oft have passed them by
A day will come at last when I
Shall take the hidden paths that run
West of the Moon, East of the Sun.”

At some point you have to make a decision. Boundaries don’t keep other people out; they fence you in. Life is messy, that’s how we’re made. So you can waste your life drawing lines or you can live your life crossing them. But there are some lines that are way too dangerous to cross. Here’s what I know, If you’re willing to take a chance, the view from the other side is spectacular.

“I do not trust people who don’t love themselves and yet tell me, ‘I love you.’ There is an African saying which is: Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt.”

“Out of the huts of history’s shame
I rise
Up from a past that’s rooted in pain
I rise
I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide,
Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.
Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
I rise
Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear
I rise
Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
I rise
I rise
I rise.”
― Maya Angelou

“The best moments in reading are when you come across something – a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things – which you had thought special and particular to you. And now, here it is, set down by someone else, a person you have never met. And it is as if a hand has come out, and taken yours”
― Alan Bennett,


Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing,

there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,

the world is too full to talk about.

Ideas, language, even the phrase each other

doesn’t make any sense.


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