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Last night I was watching the movie “The Shawshank Redemption” for the 2nd time. 1st time I watched this movie 7 years back.That time I had wondered that why is this movie rated the best ever. No doubt that movie is brilliant but is it best ever. Last night , I watched this movie again to get an answer to the doubt I had in mind.

For those who have not watched this movie,its about a person who is wrongly convicted for life for double murder and he escapes the high security prison after spending 20 long years there.Seems to be an average storyline, but it’s definitely  not.This movie depicts and celebrates human spirit ,in a way, no other has ever done.It show that “hope” indeed is the most beautiful thing in life.

Hope is the guiding light of life.Hope impacts our life more than anything including love. Hope is the light for life and its absence is not only depression but complete darkness.

In this movie the main protagonist is convicted of murder of his wife and her paramour. He is given double life sentence and land in a very high security prison. Anyone would have resigned to his fate at this juncture. But he didn’t. He had some thing which others don’t have.He had a hope,a dream that one day he will get out of there and live his rest of his life leisurely at a beautiful seashore town in Mexico. A dream that was impossible for him to realize. But he didn’t give up.For twenty years he slowly dug a tunnel inside jail’s wall with a hammer not bigger than his palm. For twenty years he used to dig handfull of stones every night.Just in the hope that one day he might get a chance to escape.And man…he did escape.He dreamed what no other prisoner had ever dreamed and he achieved it too.He didn’t escape like a macho hero ,who is so powerful that prison’s wall can not contain him.He escaped like a mouse from a tunnel which took him twenty years to dig. And that too didn’t guarantee him a escape but just a chance and hope.
In a letter the protagonist writes,” Hope is a beautiful thing,perhaps the most beautiful thing.And no beautiful thing ever dies”.

Indeed Hope is the most beautiful thing.It is perhaps the most important thing in life. mOST Strongest Feeling 🙂

It’s this hope which give rise to dreams.The hope of making those dreams come true give us reason enough to live.Hope of seeing light gives us energy to walk in the darkest of nights.Without hope we could have stopped walking and those who don’t walk are just better than dead. I could give up on life but hope makes me survive.

Hope ! One day, this bad phase will be just a night mare and a joke “He” will tease me about..

Hope of survival, dreams , the coming back of a lost friendship.. Hope !



I don’t like when my Subway is not toasted even when I tell them to “toast it’ a quarter of a million times.
I don’t like that it’s so hot. in July. Urgh !!
I don’t like people telling me to ‘Relax’ or even worse ‘Chill’. I just can’t stand it.
I don’t like people typing ‘LyK ThEeS’. Lyk.. I Mean Like Really ?
I don’t like people who are all cynical about everything. Bloody rational thinkers.
I don’t like how I have bad luck with everything right now.
I don’t like the smell of my hair right now. or for that matter, I don’t like my hair now.
I don’t like how people act like they’re talking about general stuff, but they’re actually talking about you and when you’re open enough to ask them if it’s you they act all hoity-toity and reply in the most patronizing voice imaginable, ‘Don’t over-analyze things’. No. I’m just saying. You know? Generally.
I don’t like stupid Facebook spam and candy crush requests.
I don’t like sexist people. Those ‘women in the kitchen’ types. ‘Make me a sandwich’ jokes will not be appreciated or entertained.
I don’t like that I don’t to ride a bike.
I don’t like how I don’t write happy stuff all that much anymore.
I don’t like how Flipkart has made me stop going to bookstores. It was the only kind of shopping I actually liked.
I don’t like eating at home. I want spaghetti. Or lasagne. Arrabiatta Pasta.
I don’t like people giving me a hard time for being a vegetarian.
I don’t like how no one else has heard Bridge Over Troubled Waters.
I don’t like Waiting for this phase to get over. Wait. That would be an understatement.
I don’t like people running for cover every time there’s a problem and saying things like ‘You’ve done it too’. It makes me question a lot of things, worsens my bad moods and makes me write like this.
I don’t like having a very few people to talk to and then not being able to talk to them.
I don’t like when I rely on others to love me and then them falling out of love with Me. I used to be the ‘ Main apni favourite hun’ girl. Shucks !
P.S. This isn’t directed towards anyone specific. Please don’t over analyze and think that it is. It’s really, really not. Okay?

It’s rambling of my head..

Pack your bags and leave !!

I am not hinting at any upcoming vacation plan of mine nor am I pushing my brain to make a plan for one.

Weekend usually gives a lot of time to think over matters which you have been pushing under the carpet over the past week or may some more time than that. And I am not talking about the chores to be done. I mean matters that are intangible in presence but very tangible in effect.  Matters of heart, so to say. (Weekend does that to me..over-thinker me).. And when there is some time at hand, mind does wander off. To far off places. To prohibited areas. To long forgotten landscapes.

On this unusually lazy weekend I decided to chuck everything and just BE ! I watched TV, some movies, some sitcoms and read a book. Also lied on the sofa just listening to the music. And that’s when my mind also wandered (like it never does otherwise!! Huh!). A trip down memory lane happened and you never come out of it chirpy, do you?

I realized there is so much clutter or baggage that we carry, some of it even unintentionally. We know we have to get rid of the aching memories or avoid falling in the same pit, but it takes time and may be somewhere we don’t want to do it. And honestly, if we take it all seriously, it is lethal. So why bear it in the first place or for so long?


Acknowledging that i have been holding on to things for way too long, I resolved its time. It’s time to let it all leave my system for good. So why not tell that agonizing pain or that scar from a healed wound…Pack your bags and leave!!!

Yes, it is only that easy and that much difficult. We can either let it simmer inside us every single moment or let it out of our system once and for all.

And these are what I am talking about:

  • That love story gone awry
  • That friend who turned his back when you needed him/her the most
  • The decision that took you to a wrong direction in your career/personal life
  • The unfulfilled romance/ unrequited love
  • The hurt you have been nursing long after that person has gone
  • The promise that was never kept
  • The expectation that never got met
  • The tears that have now dried up but potent enough to give you a sleepless night
  • The relations that were once close and now are a sorry distant sight
  • Those people in your everyday life who do not deserve any bandwidth from you but end up getting the maximum attention

This doesn’t sound very simple but I am sure this is how you get rid of something that refuses to leave on its own. You have to show it the right door to leave and close that door behind it, forever.

So whenever you find yourself fighting with one such monster in your head, look in its eye confidently and tell him, yes you know that by now, ‘pack your bags and leave!’  🙂

Oh well, as I was busy saying goodbyes to some such monsters, I realized it was time to bring some nice positive and tangible change. Hence the new look of this blog. Tell me what you think of it.

Lots of Love and Happiness !!

Stay Blessed 🙂


Another Tag : 30 Qstns : Me & Him :) #Love

For lack of not being able to go out. For lack of being bored.. We took this stupid 30 Qstns together.. n.. uhmm…it wasn’t that bad 🙂 So Let’s begin.. My Answers / His Answers ————————————————– 1) When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? My hair has grown longer / My hair is looking worst than the last time 2) How much cash do you have in your wallet right now? 800 bucks/ 100 rs n that 1 re coin given by me 3) What’s a word that rhymes with DOOR? Floor / Bore 4) Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone? No phone L / A friend called Duggu 5) What is your favorite ring tone on your phone? Ye Dooriyan – Instrumental (Movie : Love Aaj Kal) / Andorid-porn 6)What are you wearing right now? Green Kurti n Jeans / cream color shirt n jeans 7) Label yourself? His / Good-boy (yeah-rite) 8) Name the brand of the shoes you’re currently own? Inc 5 / Nike 9) Bright or Dark Room? mrng – bright room with colors- afternoon onwards – dark room with dim lights / Dark with lots of small colourfull lights 10) What do you think about the person who took this survey with you? him.. i dont like him.. / Shes hot n cute at the same time N I love her more than nythg 11) What does your watch look like? *gabbar style laughter * a simple rectangle dial with black belt / looks like Her (Cheesy) 12) What were you doing at midnight last night? Studying.. sorry.. trying to study/ watching a match on tv 13) What did your last text message you received on your cell say? How r you.. Call me back / me cutting ke liye gaya hu vo 14) What’s a word that you say a lot? Dumb / Hmmmmm 15)Who told you he/she loved you last? He did à / ß She did 16) Last furry thing you touched? Does my hair count? / A colony dog by her name 19) Your favourite age so far 24, It was a very special year. / 21 18) What was the last thing you said to someone? uffffff / broe ho raha hai 19) The last song you listened to? The Readon – Hoobastank / Lean on – Major LAzer 20) Where did you live in 1987? Matunga , Mumbai L (I miss it)* / F-type blocks , parel, mumbai *he sent me a I miss u after readin this.. **blush-blush** 21) Are you jealous of anyone? A l’il of a “friend” of his who gets to spend time with him..n ot her fault / People whose name begins with N.. 22) Is anyone jealous of you? I’m sure there must be few. / May-be 23) Name three things that you have in your bag/with you at all times? Phone / Wallet / My ring / Deo , a book n id card 24) What’s your favourite town/city? Mumbai / Mumbai.. coz I stay here.. cheesy :p 25) When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it? March 2015 , (His b’day) didn’t mail it.. / to a friend, as a kid.. 26) Can you change the oil on a car? Never tried./ No 27) Your first love/big crush: What is the last thing you heard about him/her? You wanna know about the first love or the first crush? Ok I’ll answer both. First love – – The Boy Who called me sugar.. havent spoken to him in a year. / The owner of this blog.. last thing.. she loves me J First Big Crush – – College,Last heard, he’s in Banaglore & happy / dsnt remm Much.. 28) Does anything hurt on your body right now? My head from lack of caffeine. I need a coffee ! / Neck L 29) What is your current desktop picture? Mom-Dad’s picture / 30) Have you been in love? Best part about it ? Yes.. yes.. it makes me look forward to tomorrows.. even in bad times / Yes – The best part is when someone loves u back and thee feeling of being complete 🙂 204709f6fdb000a3241237faf9f901ea (1)

25 Random Things About Me :)

1. I love compliments. Like really. But, when someone actually compliments me, I just can’t take them with a simple ‘Thank you.’ I have to try n deny it, make a joke out of it, change the topic or something as silly.
2. When I get angry or upset or hurt, I shut down n act very indifferent. I’m cold, then. N there’s no time when I hate myself more.
3. I’ve never had a fracture. N call me crazy but, I really want to have one. So that I can feel special when people sign my cast. 
4. I’ve also never had chicken pox or some sort of disease that most people get when they are younger,n I fear that I’ll catch something of that sort during a very important phase in my life. :/
5. When faced with people I am simply acquainted with, I generally prefer to die. I cannot make small-talk if my life depended on it. I just can’t. Sometimes, they get the impression that I don’t like them n sometimes, it’s true; but, most of the times, it’s just because I’m a very socially awkward person.  The truth is- most of the times I want to talk to them, I just don’t know how to.
6. I love the smell of old, old books n paper. It’s probably my second favourite smell. The first being wet ground & him 🙂
7. Crying in front of people makes me feel very, very weak. I know that’s not how one should think n all that, but still. However, this does not hold true for other people crying in front of me. 
8. Someday, I want to teach children in rural areas or slums. I wanna do this so bad 🙂
9. A way to get into my good books is to laugh at my jokes and care for my people. There’s nothing sexier to me than a guy who’s laughing at a joke I told him and then asks me about my maa. 
10. I am the most annoyingly opinionated person ever. I take time to judge people, but then end up sticking to my theories forever. Almost always.
11. I love imagining faces in clouds and uneven walls ..
12. The kinda music which is popular these days disgusts me. I can’t listen to hip-hop n rap unless I’m partying n don’t care what I’m dancing to. 
13. I can’t sing or dance. But, I get mega offended when someone else points that out to me.  I use Avada Kedavra several times on them in my head.
14. I still get cheap thrills when my best friends of years say that I’m their best friend.
15. In a relationship, non-awkward silences n being each other’s best friend are big for me. 
16. Random cravings for stunningly random foods such as pani puri paani n cake n Ma’s aloo-ki-kachori & Icecream are very common when you’re me.
17. My ego is huge n very fragile. If you mess with it, I’m going to hate you forever n wish that you fall in a hole n die a slow painful death. (ok, I made it sound bad)
18. I’m very sadistic. When I watch people suffer, I feel happy. Not nice people. Just people who are in the mentioned Fall In A Hole N Die list.
19. I love my family. but I love my friends equally, They mean the world to me 🙂
20. Even though I’m tiny, I hit hard. 
21. I’m not a morning person. Period.
22. Clicking pictures of people is something I love doing. Also, I like being candidly clicked. If I had things my way, I’d record every interaction with a few people n then sit with a tub of popcorn n watch.
23. Surprisingly, I have been brutally honest in this post. Generally, I’m a very closed person. Writing is easier, I guess.
24. I’m very patient. Very. Very ! but once I lose it, It’s gone. Similarly I don’t give up on people but once I do, no going back.
25. My biggest fear is losing people I love and missing trains !

The Bucket List :)

  • Attend atleast one Rock/EDM Music Concert
  • Throw a huge party and invite every one of your friends
  • Hug a dolphin
  • Sky Dive & Scuba Diving & Bunjee Jumping..
  • Put up an exhibitin of painitings and writings..
  • Learn to speak a foreign language
  • Watch DDLJ in Marath Mandir
  • . Random Destination
  • Give someone you love a dozen roses/lilies
  • Be an audience in a TV show
  • Send a message in a bottle
  • Ride a camel into the desert
  • Plant a tree
  • River Rafting
  • Write a fan letter to your all-time favorite hero or heroine
  • Learn to ballroom dance properly.
  • Fall deeply in love — helplessly and unconditionally
  • Write a book
  • Write a blog
  • Complete 100 posts on the blog
  • Travel in the Darjeeling train
  • Stay out all night dancing and go to work the next day having gone home just once 😉
  • Shower in a waterfall
  • Ask for a raise / promotion
  • Learn to play a musical instrument with some degree of skill
  • Teach someone illiterate to read / work for a NGO
  • Spend a night in a haunted house
  • See a lunar eclipse
  • See a Sunrise / Sunet with my Him.
  • Write your will
  • Sleep under the stars
  • Learn to juggle with three balls
  • Donate money and put your name on something: a college scholarship, a bench in the park.
  • Buy your own house and then spend time making it into exactly what you want
  • Grow a garden
  • Run a marathon
  • Learn Calligraphy
  • Bake/Cook
  • Throw a surprise party
  • Eat icecream at midnight
  • Get a tattoo
  • Go Hot air balooning
  • See flamingoes
  • Be on every continent atleast once
  • Stay on my own
  • See all the Seven Wonders of the world with my beloved.. Esp. Taj Mahal on a full moon’s night.
  • Holiday with Him, My Bestie and her ‘Barney’ 
  • Travel as much as of India I can.

P.S : That’s as many as I could think of now 🙂

The Happiness List :)

Happy Things 🙂

1. Finding a good book.

2. Writing something you’re satisfied with.

3. Coffee. Especially Filter Coffee.

4. Good Music. That’s any music that makes you happy.

5. Family.

6. Dark Chocolate.

7. Grandparents.

8. Friends.

9. Finding a piece of instrumental music you’ve been looking for for ages.

10. Siblings.

11. The Sea.

12. MOD.

13. When people come back after a long time.

14. The Bandra-Worli Sealink.

15. Feeling tall.

16. Good pizza (not necessarily authentic, just good, I’m not fussy that way).

17. Masala Chai.

18. Meeting an old friend after a long time.

19. Airports.

20. Travelling.

21. Surprises.

22. Running into someone you had nearly forgotten.

23. Getting a difficult math sum right in the first attempt.

24. Finishing something difficult.

25. Looking through old photographs.

26. Hotel room beds.

27. Singing.

28. Pianos & upbeat piano pieces (like Private Detective by Philip Lane).

29. Suits.

30. Dressing up.

31. Watching someone you love get married.

32. Sugarcane juice in south Bombay.

33. Old TV shows like Full House and Different Strokes.

34. Waking up and finding out you have hours left to sleep.

35. Turning your phone on after a long time (like after a long vacation) and seeing 3456789 unread messages.

36. Receiving email from real people.

37. Old Hindi songs.

38. Trains.

39. Old notebooks filled with snippets of writing.

40. Shiny-glossy-post haircut-set-and-blowdried-hair.

41. School 😀

42. Getting accepted for publishing!

43. Being productive.

44. Fighting procrastination.

45. Sambar.

46. Nice movies.

47. Pretty pictures.

48. Good TV Shows like – Castle, White Collar, Make it or break it, New Girl.

49. Songs that seem to be the story of your life.

50. The Scientist by Coldplay


Until, next time

Smile More. Laugh often. Love Always !

Miss S.

People who stay :)

Not everyone, and not everything, is meant to stay. There are things you don’t want to happen but they will and you have to accept ,people you can’t live without but you have to let go . Some circumstances and people come into your life just to strengthen you, so you can move on without them. Some people just aren’t meant to stay in our lives forever, maybe some people are just passing through. It’s like some people just come through our lives to bring us something , a lesson we need to learn , and that’s why they are there.

And as they say Most great things in your life won’t happen by chance, they will happen by choice. Same goes with people. While some people come in our lives for going,  there are others who choose to stay, no matter what circumstances, no matter what happens and where life takes you. They are there round the corners . If you look back , you’ll realise some people who were once a huge part of ur life arent there today, maybe because of circumstances or just lost touch in the busiest lifes. Dont feel sad about them , instead think of the people who make your world a special place just by being in it. There are people in everyone’s life who stick to you by your pony tail days to your wedding day and even beyond that , the people whom you took bicycle rides with and now celebrating the joy of first salary. Life is indeed all about such people only. They are the ones who will irritate you the most , fight with you , become unbearable at times but these unbearable ones are the ones you need the most in your life. Be thankful for the people who came and never left.


P.S : To my new friend , I just hope (pray) you are one of them 🙂

Say it !

Say it !.

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