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It rains…

Getting up early on a cloudy morning, knowing that the feeble light that enters your room had divorced the boring, punctual time long back, is agonizing. It brings about waves of feelings rushing unto your mind. The outstation boy starts missing his home, the scent of his mother that only mothers have. The city girl is caught indecisive between the immediate and the moment later – she chooses to stay at bed convincing her of an illusion of the alarm. And the writers wait for the sound of rain. Cloudy morning dullness is pandemic. It touches all, paused to let each one of us have a philosophical view of life that has been and that is to be on a balance sheet.

Rain blushes with poetry from an old window view, the same gushes with disgust in an water-logged street. Most of the Cities in tropical India are a pampered child along the south while the northern parts of them are still parental – they are orthodox, troubling and still warm. People excuse themselves in the name of rains for missing out on zeros that sit on the right side of any random number. Children act, if better they miss the school bus. There is a happy union all of a sudden as the family sits down to have khichdi and papad. There is a glow in the mother’s face that doesn’t need any astronomical help to be recognized. Suddenly she gets two of her most faithful audience to talk about an ordinary life. Her warmth increases with cohesion.

Surprising as it is, one big umbrella shelters two genders underneath. Drizzles are as romantic as they sound and as they pour. There is an otherworldly charm in not visting western concretes still colonizing our cities. They sit on an bench, umbrella guarding them more from the intruders than the gravitating clouds. The umbrella was never enough for the two. But, when he recited a shy poem, the drops on her face could find a stream to hide in the name of rains. He did not notice. She did not want him to. Quietly rains condense. And so does love.

Life in rains has always been expansile. It has been about a little bit of glum, a handful of romance and lazy surprises. If there was ever a time to write a poetry, it is now. If there was ever a time to gift a flower, do not wait. If there was ever a time to say someone let us go to the sea, do not carry an umbrella.

Life was never so much about soaking in itself, but everything around it.

So it rains.


Rain Songs..

It’s raining !!!

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Finally the rains are here.. A cuppa coffee.. my rain playlist and the blog… I am a happy soul 🙂

I just thought of sharing with you all my favorite rain songs.. Here they are.. Put on your earplugs and enjoy the raindrops 🙂

In no particular order :

1. “Hum Tum” from Hum Tum (2004)

Aankhon Mein Humko Utarne Do Zara..
Baahon Mein Humko Pighalne Do Zara..

2. This is my all time favourite : “Sawan Barse tarse Dil” from Dahek (1999)
Ek hasina idhar dekho kaisee bechain hai,
Raste par lage kaise usake do nain hai..
Sach puchhiye toh mere yar, dono key dil beikhtiyar,
Beikhtiyar… hain pehli bar… pehli bahar mein….

3. This is for the sad souls : “Lagi Aaj sawan ki phir woh jhadi hai” from Chandni (1989)

Kuch aise hi din teh woh jab hum miley the..
chaman mein nahin phool dil mein khiley the..
wohi toh hai mausam magar rut nahin woh..
mere sath barsat bhi roh padhi hai

4. “Baadal yun garajta hai” from Betaab (1983)

Tum Baitho Us Paar, Ham Baithen Is Paar..
Aao Apane Bich Banaa Lein Hum Koi Deewaar..

5. “Boondon ke moti” from Wake up Sid (2009)

Yun ki tai kar na paaun re
Dil ki baat main hawa ke zariye pahunchaaun re
Ya khud hawa pe chal ke aaun re?
Tumse pyaar hai yeh khul ke jinn mein keh paaun re
Lafz woh kahan se laaun re??

Always a sunshine..


And perfect to my belief.. It’s gonna rain. .it’s gonna get dark but there will be sunshine.. The rains wiĺl end.. There will be sunshine..

Stay Happy, Stay Blessed..

Miss S 😄

Click of the day..



The  white line is the sun-light immediate after the heavy rains ended..


And I click !

Some random clicks.. I love Rains 🙂

IMG_2169 IMG_2159 IMG_2177 IMG_2208

Uffff ye baarish

Boondon ke motiyon mein ghul ke ehsaas aaya

Waqt se nikal ke lamha dil ke paas aaya

Chhoo ke guzra tha par dil ko na mehsoos hua

Ab jo dekha toh woh lamha dil ko raas aaya

Yun ki tai kar na paaun re…

Dil ki baat main hawa ke zariye pahunchaaun re

Ya khud hawa pe chal ke aaun re?

Tumse pyaar hai yeh khul ke jinn mein keh paaun re

Lafz woh kahan se laaun re??

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